Keep hands warm this winter

by Louise McQuaid
Cold Hands, Raynauds can be triggered by cold temperatures reducing blood flow to the fingers
Cold Hands?
Cold Hands?
Are you one of those people who love being outdoors, walking with friends, taking the dog for an evening stroll, pushing a pram, cycling, outdoor bowling......but dreading the predicable cold hands? Are your hands cold almost all the time? Do you get cold easily and have trouble keeping your hands warm?

Then you might have a condition called Raynaud's Phenomenon.
Doctors don’t completely understand the cause of it, hence the name “phenomenon”. During an attack, blood vessels in the hands and feet overreact and go into spasm when they sense exposure to cold temperature or stress. It’s like only having an on/off switch for your arteries instead of a dimmer switch - the blood vessels just close down instead of gradually attenuating. It’s considered a type of arthritis and also gets worse as you get older. Your fingers may also turn interesting shades of blue, purple or white.

Unfortunately, there's no cure for it yet but there are some helpful treatments and good, useful advice based on people's experience and what worked for them.
Home Remedies
Home Remedies
If you suspect you have Raynaud’s, as annoying as it is, most of the home treatments and lifestyle adaptations are simple.

  • In cold temperatures, always dress extra warm, wear gloves, thick socks and boots. Warm your coat on a radiator before going outside.
  • Keep stashes of those instant hand-warming packets around
  • If you’re a smoker, this is another reason to quit because smoking constricts blood vessels and makes skin temperature drop.
  • Exercise regularly to increase circulation. Really, what isn’t exercise good for?
  • Keep your stress levels down, stay calm at the wheel in traffic and direct your air vent away from your hands and toes
  • Don’t linger in the frozen section of your supermarket. Pop your frozen food directly into your freezer bag and at the checkout the assistant can repack for you. When you get home pop the entire bag into your freezer and you won't have to touch the frozen packets more than once.
  • Avoid suddenly going from hot temperatures to cold ones, like swimming pool changing rooms, burrrrr!
Treatment at Hand Kinetics
Treatment at Hand Kinetics
At Hand kinetics you can have thermal therapies to improve circulation to the hand and fingers and ease stiff and sore joints. Our patients really enjoy treatment and feel the benefit immediately.

Treatment can include:

  • A soothing warm wax hand bath to reduce your symptoms of cold, pain and numbness and to help to keep an attack at bay for days afterwards
  • We are winter ready at Hand Kinetics and have our supply of instant hand warmers in stock now
  • At hand kinetics we have several types of special heat insulated gloves (essential for keeping hands warm) for day and night
  • We keep a stock of digital silicone caps for finger tips to prevent capillary damage when using a keyboard

Contact Hand Kinetics if you need treatment for cold hands or if you have any questions. We are happy to help.
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