How much do you rely on your Hands

by Louise McQuaid
64 bones, 50 muscles and hundreds of nerves
64 individual bones, more than 50 muscles and hundreds of nerves create movement in your arms and hands for every single daily living and work activity. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 people are at risk of injury or of developing a condition because of so much use!

Just like visiting your dentist for a tooth ache or your optician when you need reading glasses, you need Hand Therapy for arm and hand problems.

Louise – our principle Hand Therapist and founder of Hand Kinetics explains:
“Because Hand therapy is usually only available in certain hospitals people think it’s just for serious trauma, such as lacerations, fractures and crush injuries, but these are not the only cases. In our experience, everybody knows somebody who needs Hand Therapy and most times, they need it urgently.

At Hand Kinetics, our patients come from all walks of life and all professions and ages but especially people who rely on their hands for a living. For them, loss of income makes getting problems resolved quickly a top priority.
I have heard stories where seemingly minor symptoms were ignored with disastrous consequences resulting in unnecessary surgery. People need to be aware that slowly progressive conditions like numbness and tendonitis can impact their hands and quality of life just as much as serious diseases like arthritis, MS and stroke. Unfortunately, missing out on early treatment due to lack of awareness can lead to permanent loss of function affecting ability to work, play sports and stay independent.
It's a bit of pot luck seeing the right Doctor who has access to a Hand Therapist, but don't worry, Hand Kinetics is changing that! We use best practice medical treatments to help your hands get better, fast, no-matter what the cause, making waiting lists and hospital ques a thing of the past.
Visiting Hand Kinetics for private treatment is as easy as a trip to your GP, Dentist or Optician. Call us today or book your appointment online and start getting better now!

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