Boutonniere Deformity
What is it?
A Boutonniere deformity is the name given to describe the slightly bent position of the Proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP). It can be caused by any type of injury or disease to the finger including fractures, strains, surgery and arthritis.
Boutonniere Deformity

Typically, the PIP joint presents with swelling and/or bruising which is blocking the PIP joint from straightening fully. Swelling in the PIP joint lasting more than 3 weeks will strain surrounding muscles and ligaments and if not treated the joint can become permanently stuck in this flexed position. 

Boutonniere Deformity
What is the treatment?
Your hand therapist can make a small gutter splint for the affected PIP joint to straighten it and also prescribe specific exercises for the surrounding joints to prevent additional stiffness.

In some cases, a more specialised splint called a dynamic extension splint can provide extra stretch to the joint to help achieve a greater degree of active extension. "Active" means your finger no longer requires support to go straight and can do it by its self.
Boutonniere Deformity
What is the recovery period?

The 10 weeks following the initial onset of Boutonniere deformity are the most important to prevent a permanent contracture developing. Boutonniere deformity present for longer than 10 weeks may require serial casting to straighten the joint affected. 

Boutonniere Deformity
How can Hand Kinetics help me?

Hand Kinetics provides a one stop facility where any splint design needed for your rehabilitation can be designed and fitted. It is important to measure with accuracy the degrees of improvement in joint extension at each visit and your Hand Kinetics therapist is trained in goneometry. 

Follow-up treatment with regular appointments for strengthening exercises will ensure the best outcomes are achieved in a short time frame. Hand Kinetics will ensure you stay motivated and enjoy your treatment sessions.

You can choose appointment times that suit you and your treatment can be coordinated with your hospital Doctor if that is what you want.

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