Kerrie Houlahan says:
My sons hand was weak following surgery in MPH on his thumb for repeated dislocations but his great wish was always to return to gaelic football. He had seen several physios and OTs over the years in Belfast in relation to his hand and was issued with several splints and hand exercise programmes – Harry always felt that they were of no use to him. I recently came across Louise Mc Quaid in Hand Kinetics. I booked an appointment as he felt that the thumb was weak and wanted exercises to build it up – he kept asking me what to do but I was unsure. We went to Louise and I was blown away by her knowledge and skill. She gave Harry a full rehab/maintenance programme and made him a bespoke splint to wear under a football glove that is dynamic and should help prevent dislocation. Harry is thrilled as he feels that his hand, which responded very well to the surgery, is almost back at full power. He also feels confident when back playing ball sports. I felt that I had to let the surgeons know about this girls existence as I would have travelled the country to see her.
Condition: Dislocated Joints
Treatment: Splinting
David Long says:
Hi, I don't write testimonials normally but I wanted to say thank you to Louise. I had surgery on my hand to straighten the finger and needed to have a splint made. My wife died last year and I didn't want to bother the kids about driving me to the hospital so I went to Hand Kinetics as it is closer. I was impressed with the clinic and felt very comfortable and even got a cup of tea. Louise made me the splint and showed me what exercises to do. I am very pleased with the result and keeping my splint on at night. Thanks Louise
Condition: Dupuytren's Contracture
Treatment: Splinting
Jean Murphy says:
Why didn't I know about this place! I have been to my GP 4 times about my sore thumbs and I keep being told the same story, old age. I keep fit and play tennis and don't feel old yet at 55 years young. GP sending me to see an Arthritis Doctor and I got a letter for March 2018! A friend old me about Hand Kinetics and I booked an appointment. Louise showed me some special thumb exercises which I have been doing 3 times a day for 4 weeks. WOW, I can open jars and bottles no bother anymore. Lucky to have Louise so close and a disgrace my GP didn't tell me about this place. I could have been in pain for the next 8 months for no good reason. Thanks Louise
Condition: CMC Thumb Osteoarthritis
Mike Stanfield says:
I play the guitar for a living and thumb pain was really impacting on my playing ability. I saw the advert for Hand Kinetics and thought I'd give it a go as my GP just said to rest it and gave me cream which didn't work. Louise assessed my arm and even looked at how I play the guitar to see whats wrong. I was so impressed with the time she took to explain the problem and how considerate she was of my need to keep playing. I got 2 splints and one is for practice and gigs. That was 2 weeks ago and I can't believe the difference already. I am doing my practice warm up exercises and feel better than ever. I will be going back in 6 weeks to finish treatment. It was worth the trip down from Belfast and if any body else out there has difficulty playing a instrument I highly recommend seeing Louise. Money well spent. A BIG THANK YOU
Condition: Thumb Tendonitis
Treatment: Work Hardening and Conditioning
Marie Whelan says:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Louise McQuaid. Louise has looked after me for two years on and off and she has went above the call of duty on every occasion that I have visited her. As there is no more presently Louise can do for me she has had to refer me back to my specialist, but believe me when I tell you if it was not for all the work and expertise of Louise I would have been referred back to the specialist on day one. Therefore I would like to say a big THANK YOU.
Annemarie Dawn says:
In past years stress triggered arthritis in my body. Then the stress of moving house last year triggered it again and has left my fingers a bit misshapen. With prayer, diet and rest, the inflammation is at a low level at the moment, but recently my consultant suggested I go on an immune suppressing drug, which made me more determined to be proactive about it. My limitations from the arthritis, especially in my hands, have had a daily impact on my life.
I've seen physios and OTs, but I've never been given such brilliant practical advice and explanation as I did a week ago from Louise McQuaid of Hand Kinetics. She gave me really helpful tips on how to lessen further damage to my hands and exercises to improve mobility of my fingers, plus pointed out an area where I can lessen further damage. Delighted I went, thanks

Condition: Rheumatoid Arthritis
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